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Step up your game with the Executioner, a guitar built for power and precision. Its unique Zebrawood and Sapele body, paired with a Gaboon Ebony neck and fingerboard, make for a visually stunning instrument. The 24 medium brass frets offer a smooth playing surface, while TYLERMAC Hand Wound Pickups and a 3-way selector switch deliver a rich, powerful sound. The Hipshot Headless Bridge ensures stability and tuning accuracy, and the Bone nut and CTS 500k Pro pots offer precise control. The Paduak control cavity cover adds a touch of elegance to this already impressive guitar, finished with a sleek Polyurethane coat for protection and shine.

TYLERMAC Executioner | Studio Collection

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  • Model: Executioner

    Body: Zebrawood, Sapele

    Neck: Gaboon Ebony

    Fingerboard: Gaboon Ebony

    Number of Frets: 24

    Pickups: TYLERMAC Hand Wound Pickups 

    Controls: 3-way Selector Switch

    Bridge: Hipshot Headless Bridge

    Nut: Bone

    Pots: CTS 500k Pro 

    Control Cavity Cover: Paduak

    Frets: Medium Brass

    Scale Length: 25"

    Finish: Polyurethane

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